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Can Ch Lorrequer Incantation. Date of Birth: 26 December 2001

Sire: Multi BIS Multi BISS Am Ch Baklava’s Rafi Rasil of Khiva |Dam: Multi BISS Am Can DC Timaru Vaya Lorrequer, FcH, JC

Pedigree of Can Ch Lorrequer Incantation

Hermione was born on Boxing Day 2001, one of six puppies all of whom later became Champions. She was Best Puppy in Specialty and Reserve Winners at the Saluki Club of Canada Specialty in London, Ontario under Katrina Hamilton.  She gained her Canadian Championship by 18 months of age going Winner’s Bitch and Best Bred By Exhibitor at the All Hound Club of Ontario shows in 2003. In June 2004 she won the extremely large and very competitive Bred by Exhibitor class at the Saluki Club of America National Specialty under breeder judge Rosemary Lewis and went on to win the Best Bred By Exhibitor in Specialty award.

On June 19th, just over one week after this prestigeous win Hermione, in her effort to once and for all rid the garden of those pesky squirrels, scaled the 6 foot high wooden privacy fence in her attempt at snagging one of them. I was working in the grooming shop at the time, Hermione, having presumably given up trying to climb trees after the squirrel, came looking for me – unfortunately her search took her across the main street in our small town, which is typically quite busy. She was struck by a car and her injuries quite extensive. Rushed to an orthopedic specialist about 35 minutes from my house we found that she had dislocated her right hip and suffered severe trauma to her left hock.

Numerous surgeries followed, with set-back after set-back in her healing progress. She was fitted with a Slocum Fixator device which we had hoped would help her hock heal without it fusing, but unfortunately that was not to be the case. Although the device worked well, once it was removed she had to be fitted with a plate while the joint bone re-grew.  Her body rejected the plates and after weeks of trips to the vet to have her wound closed up it was decided that her hock would have to be fused. A bone graft was taken and she was once again strapped in heavy bandaging. In the interim, we had to remove the femoral head as no amount of tension could hold the hip back in place in the socket. My precious girl spent two years in recovery – we bonded like I have never bonded with another Saluki before. The hours we spent together, just being together, holding her, massaging her, changing bandages, carrying her up and down the steps to the garden to go potty, all had an amazing effect on our relationship.

She spent a long time recouperating. One of her main joys was being visited by her favourite masseuse, Lynn Potts from Why Knot – Lynn would come and spend an hour just manipulating her joints, massaging her atrophied muscles and Hermione would just close her eyes and sigh. Pictures of her therapy can be seen on the Why Knot Massage website.

The day finally came when our wonderful veterinarian Dr John Brajkovich decreed that she was fit, healthy and ready to have a litter. The day she whelped her wonderful litter by Herbi was the most joy filled of my life and to see her kids do so well in the show rings here, in the US and in the Czech Republic and on the coursing fields makes me very proud. Two of her children live as very special family pets quite near me so I get to visit with them.

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